I Love May


I Remember Your Face: For Gundogan Gorsev… Jumping to the Void: We are listening to music at Yavuz Baydar’s house. I am drowning in his 4000 CD collection. The music makes me leap to the skies. Yavuz Baydar names the title for this jazz waltz. Black Sea: A variation of Black Sea regions unordinary rhythms for trumpet and trombone. I Love May: My favorite month, dedicated to my friend Pınar Kaprali. Painter: On a warm July evening, I am playing with a baby grand Steinway. A grand black and magical piano and my painter friend Argun is next to me. Seems so far: It is so hard to see what’s happening in the US from Istanbul. Linden: The beauty and the smell of the linden trees. Wild Flowers: Colorful wild flowers during sunset at Uskumrukoy.

Kerem Görsev

1I Remember Your Face06:29
2Jumping to the Void04:21
3Black Sea10:05
4I Love May11:50
6Seems so far07:10
7 Linden05:47
8Wild Flowers07:18
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  • Imer Demirer – Flugelhorn, Musician, Trumpet
  • Kerem Görsev – Arranger, Composer, Musician, Piano, Primary Artist, Producer
  • Duyal Karagözoglu – Mastering
  • Hakan Kursun – Engineer, Mixing
  • Dana Murray – Drums, Musician
  • Eric Revis – Bass, Musician
  • Neset Ruacan – Guitar (Electric), Musician
  • Murat Yeter – Drums, Musician