Kerem Görsev was born in 1961 in Istanbul. He started musical studies at Istanbul
Municipal Conservatory in 1967 and then continued at Istanbul State Conservatory in
1972. His passion for jazz began during his conservatory studies, and until his first
record was released, he performed at various jazz clubs with many jazz musicians
including Ed Howard, Rabin Kenyata, Doris Troy, Vinnie Night, LaVerne Butler, Allan
Harris, Clifford Jarvis, and Harvey Thompson.
In 1994, he released his first record “Hands and Lips,” followed by 18 records and
great achievements through his music career. “Therapy,” released in 2010, was
nominated for a Grammy candidate under “Grand Jazz Orchestras” category.
Kerem Görsev completed records at prestigious music studios such as London
Abbey Road and LA United Records with world-renowned orchestras including
London Philharmonic, Los Angeles Strings, Prague Philharmonic, and St. Petersburg
Philharmonic. He collaborated with Grammy-awarded jazz musicians such as Alan
Broadbent, Ernie Watts, Joe LaBarbera and also shared the stage with them in
numerous concerts and jazz festivals in Turkey. For “Warm Autumn” and “Meeting
Point” records, recorded in New York in 1998 and 2003, he worked with Russell
Gunn, Steve Kirby, Alvester Garnett, Marcus Strickland, Eric Revis and JD Allen, and
he also performed with those artists across Turkey.
Along with internationally-recognized jazz festivals including Marciac, Umbria,
Pescara, Bologna, Vilnius, L’viv, Macedonia, Islamabad and Baku, he took the stage
in many more countries and organizations such as New York, London, Copenhagen,
Muenster, Coesfeld, Hamburg, Köln, Stuttgart, and Islamabad, meeting music
enthusiasts across the world.
Kerem Görsev is also known for his research and broadcasting work. Since 1997, he
has hosted “Kerem Görsev’le Jazz” (“Jazz with Kerem Görsev”) TV show and a
series of radio shows, making great contributions to the promotion and popularization
of jazz in Turkey.
During trio performances, Kağan Yıldız (contrabass) and Ferit Odman (drums)
accompany Kerem Görsev; and the quartet project includes Engin Recepoğulları
(saxophone). Kerem Görsev performs at three different projects with a trio, quartet
and symphonic orchestra: Since his first release, from trio compositions to
philharmonic arrangements, he has offered different formats of acoustic jazz, taking
stage with a repertoire largely consisting of his own compositions, and he continues
to offer music enthusiasts the best jazz experience with his dynamic performance
and vibrant positive energy.