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Kerem Görsev - Relaxing

Life-size stories : You just purchased another Kerem Görsev CD. Or maybe  you are going to hear him for the first time in your life. But in both cases,you will eventually feel like “You have listened to him before”! Kerem plays the way you like. Not because he wants to please every soul, simply that he wants to play this way...

“Relaxing” is his fourth album. On this  CD, he plays some standards as well. Standards are evergreen compositions. Kerem came a long way. He played standards for long years and long nights...

Jazz clubs are esoteric. Bandstand is the only place where musicians interact and interplay. Long jazz club years ripen musicians. So did Kerem. This time he took some standards between his own compositions which became so close throughout these long club years . A tribute ? Not quite because Kerem’s club years never ceased. Jazz musicians can’t live without that atmospher.

Kerem is a romantic. On every composition, he is getting more sentimental. But this romanticism is not acquired. It is distilled throughout all those years. Kerem Görsev never gives up and h deserves the rewards.

Eriv Revis and Bob Demeo are close enough to Kerem. They are musicians of our time. Accomplished, skillful and sensible. Eric Revis is a member of the very competitive  young U.S. bass players’ circuit. This album didn’t suprise me. It is what I expected, but Kerem Görsev, playing stories form his own life, everytime creates surprises to please his listeners.

Sadettin Davran


1 - Secret Love  
2 - Conversations With The Bass  
3 - Emily  
4 - Four Days  
5 - Sunset  
6 - Gloves  
7 - Soul Eyes  
8 - Relaxing  
9 - Lady Bird  
10 - Emily "Take 2 Duo"  
11 - Sunrise  
12 - Voyage  

Kerem Görsev: PIANO
Eric Revis: BASS
Bob Demeo: DRUMS

Production: Marş Müzik Yapım

Executive Producer: Kerem Görsev

Recording Date: January 17-18 1997, Istanbul

Recording and Mixing By: Hakan Kurşun

Mastered By: Muammer Tokmak


This Album was analog using Dolby SR transferred to 20-bit digital mastered with super bit mapping


Kerem Görsev Compositions : 2-4-5-6-8-11
Secret Love & Voyage arranged by Eric Revis.

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