For Murat


In my previous albums, “Hands & Lips” and “I Love May”, I was inspired by various nature events and personal relationships. I was planning my third album to be a Kerem Görsev – Eric Revis – Can Kozlu Trio album called “Personal Balance”. I don’t know if this is unpredictabilityof life? Or should I call it the trafic monster? It has taken my friend “Murat Esen” away from us.

Murat knew, understood and criticized jazz. He was selective about it because he knew his stuff. His favorite style was latin jazz and soft bossa nova pieces. He was an admirer of “Antonio Carlos Jobim”.

For my friend, I have composed a piece in the rhythym he loved. Kamil Özler arranged it for large group and “For Murat” was finished. I decided to have this album in memory of “Murat Esen”.

There is a special place in everybody’s life. This is where they think, dream and decide about what they want to achieve. In short, this place is theri secret cove. For me, in this place, there is a “Fender Rhodes” piano and a doublebass. There is also a jazz collection that allows you to listen to at least  two or three versions of what you want to listen, pictures, photographs, books everything about jazz. Accompanied by ice tea in the summer and sage tea in winter, in there , there is life for me. This place is Murat’s brother, Ali Arif Esen’s studio. Ali Arif, my dear friend, has introduced me to jazz in 1977 and to this day,  I respect his musical opinions greatly. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for being the only person wit me day and night during my three albums.  Also, I want to thank Can Kozlu, Yavuz Baydar, Sadettin Davran, Görgün Taner, Cengiz Işılay, Ümit Tunçağ, Ali Sönmez and Sedat Ergin for their strong support.

Kerem Görsev

1White Sea04:17
2For Murat04:23
4Dance of Clouds05:32
7Waltz for Bill (Evans)05:30
8Hands & Lips05:37
9Color Change03:29
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